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How to choose a powerful cosmetics manufacturing factory

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There are currently many foundries, especially in Guangdong, China. The supply chain of cosmetics factories here is relatively mature, but the scales vary. So how to find a more powerful one among the many foundries? Here are some references for you.

  First, look at the operating years of the cosmetics OEM factory. We will definitely give priority to those with a longer period of time. Our criterion is at least 6 years, because a cosmetics factory pays more attention to historical inheritance and time accumulation. Without a certain period of experience accumulation, there must be various imperfect factors. Whether in terms of production capacity or customer service capabilities, it is difficult to guarantee stable cooperation with customers. Of course, this is not to criticize those young cosmetics peer factories, nor is it absolute, but as far as the entire industry is concerned, the general situation is basically the same.

  Second, find out whether the factory has its own brand. A strong cosmetics factory must have a strong team behind it. Most powerful people will pursue maximizing profits, and cosmetics are a type of manufacturing industry. Its weak profits are obviously unable to meet the company's profit needs. Therefore, it has become very common for cosmetics factories to create their own brands. . A factory that can use its own formula to make its own brand is obviously more reliable. If the private brand effect is not good, the factory will not be able to stand on its own.



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