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How to read the ingredient list

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Some rules for ingredient lists

1. All ingredients should use INCI names

(INCI: International Naming of Cosmetic Ingredients)

2 components cannot use modifiers

For example: "XX extract" cannot be written as "natural XX extract", "organic XX extract", "French XX extract", etc.

3. The ingredients should be arranged in order from high to low according to their concentration. Only when the concentration is less than 1%, the ingredients can be arranged in any order.

4. All ingredients must be listed and cannot be concealed

Foot care 2 steps

How to determine ingredient concentration?

  • The concentration of preservatives (such as phenoxyethanol, benzyl vinegar) and fragrance in skin care products cannot exceed 1%

  • The content of some commonly used ingredients, such as sodium hyaluronate and carbomer, is less than 1%.By finding these ingredients, you can infer that the concentration of the following ingredients is <1%

  • However, there are also some ingredients, such as alcohol, active protein or skin, that only require very low concentrations to be effective. Therefore, you should pay attention to the lowest concentration at which different ingredients can be effective.

52 rose serum (4)

Is the higher the ingredient content the better?

Through the ingredient list, you can roughly understand whether the product is over-promoted, whether key raw materials are present, and the approximate concentration of each ingredient, etc.

There are also some active ingredients that are too high in concentration and can irritate the skin. Therefore, in addition to ingredient concentration, a reasonable formula is also important.

The manufacturing process, production quality, and even packaging materials may affect the final quality and effect of skin care products.

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Products that may not be trustworthy based on their ingredients list

1. The ingredient list uses a lot of modifiers

Such as "Imported XXX" and "Rare XXX"

2. The ingredient list does not use INCI standard names.

For example, "sodium hyaluronate" is written as "hyaluronic acid" or "hyaluronic acid"

3. Incomplete ingredient list


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