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Popular Science of Common Ingredients (2)

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Popular Science of Common Ingredients (2)  Introduction to Moisturizing Skin Care Ingredients

Whitening should be in accordance with nature, and the amount of pigment in each person's skin is determined by genetics.

Whitening is also a care project from the inside out. First of all, you should choose a set of whitening products that suit you. Because the whitening ingredients are different, it is theoretically best to use the same brand and the same series of products to prevent adverse reactions caused by conflicts between different whitening ingredients.

The following introduces common whitening ingredients:

Skin care ingredients Main effects
Vitamin C Natural antioxidant, can interfere with melanin production, increase skin radiance, and has whitening and brightening effects. It needs to be stored away from light + sun protection.
Niacinamide Can inhibit melanin precipitation, and accelerate cell metabolism to cause melanin keratinocytes to peel off. Suitable for people with dull skin, with obvious brightening effect.
Arbutin Whitening and lightening, removing dullness, fading stubborn spots, irritating to the skin, need to build skin tolerance, can not be used for a long time. Sensitive skin bypasses.
Tranexamic acid Can reduce tyrosinase activity and prevent cell melanin precipitation. It can significantly improve uneven skin color, has high stability, and is mild and non-irritating.
Ferulic acid Derived from natural plants, inhibits tyrosinase to prevent melanin formation, and can also resist oxidation and eliminate free radicals.

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In addition to choosing whitening products, there is another important point: starting from the external protection of the skin from ultraviolet rays, you must do a good job of sun protection all year round. Whether working indoors or outdoors, you must use sunscreen. When you are outdoors in the hot summer, you must bring a parasol and sunglasses with UV protection.


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