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Popular Science of Common Ingredients (I)

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Popular Science of Common Ingredients (I)  Introduction to Moisturizing Skin Care Ingredients

Reasonable and Precise Skin Care

Skin care products are not the more expensive the better, the key is still the choice of ingredients.

Don't seek expensiveness, just effectiveness. It's smart to choose for your skin condition! Help organize key notes, popular science table of common skin care ingredients, reasonable and precise skin care

This article introduces common moisturizing ingredients and their effects:

Moisturizing is an important part of the skin care program. If the skin condition changes with the seasons, there are signs of instability. You can stop whitening and anti-aging, and focus on moisturizing and hydrating. In addition, stop whitening and acid brushing during pregnancy, just do a good job of moisturizing basics, and you can also choose these ingredients.

Skin care ingredients Main effects
Squalane Natural ingredients that can form a natural protective barrier for the skin. Especially suitable for use in cold seasons, moisturizing and nourishing.
Hyaluronic acid Also known as hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing factor with special water-retaining effect. Highly moisturizing molecules make the skin hydrated, plump and elastic.
Amino acids Gently regulate the skin, moisturize, adjust the pH of the skin, and balance oil and moisture. Commonly found in cleansing skin caGlycerinre products.
Glycerin It is a small molecule moisturizing ingredient that can fill the intercellular matrix, absorb the right amount of water, maintain the stability of the skin, and moisturize the skin for a long time.
Trehalose It can increase the skin's absorption of nutrients, improve the problem of dry and dehydrated skin, and is a highly efficient small molecule moisturizer.
Jojoba oil It has similar properties to the oil on the surface of the skin, is hydrophilic, can regulate skin moisture, is easy to absorb, can enhance the skin's water-locking ability, and deeply moisturize.

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